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John Oswalt: I was teaching a Sunday school class. As we came to the end of one study, I asked the members of the class what they would like to study next. The consensus was that they would like to study "prophecy." I was delighted with the idea and began the next week with an overview of Amos, proceeding on through Hosea and Micah.

But I began to see a questioning look in the members’ eyes. Although they were too polite to say so, something was wrong. Finally, I stopped and asked them what the trouble was.

After much hemming and hawing, one of them fianlly blurted out. "Well, we were kind of wondering when we were going to get to prophecy."

Suddently it dawned on me. When they said "prophecy," they meant predictions associated with the end of time. What they really wanted was a study of the book of Revelation. However, if we are to understand the prophecies of Revelation and how accurate they will be (not the interpretations of the prophecies but the prophecies themselves) we need to understand predictive prophecy.

The fulfilled prophecies in the Bible are one of the greatest proofs of the Bible’s trustworthiness.

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