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This week, I made my monthly trip to Kingsley Place (assisted living center) to sing for the residents there (They love to have me come because I sing the songs that they grew up with and I love to go there because they let me sing the songs that I grew up with).

I began by singing a couple of “cross songs,” being sensitive to the time of the year that it was. Well, there was a new man and his wife there… and the man spoke up after the first several songs and said, “I want to sing ‘Silent Night’” …I kind of chuckled and said in my sometimes quick-witted playful voice, “I love that song but my guitar isn’t able to play it between January 1 and December 1.” and we all laughed and I sang a couple more songs. Then his wife spoke, this time a little louder and quite a bit more insistent, “WE WANT TO SING ‘SILENT NIGHT.’ Now I could see that neither was kidding and neither cared that we were smack dab in the middle of Lent and on the threshold of Holy Week, where Jesus wasn’t just born but over 30 years old by now! What do you think we did? We sang Silent Night-- there was another woman, there for the first time, who began to weep openly as we sang a song that obviously pulled the heart strings and brought tears of comfort to her troubled soul. God had other plans that day....thanks be to God.

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