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Tom Boyd tells about a woman who was a member of a church he pastored in Tennessee. She was flamboyant and eccentric but Boyd was impressed with her "intense commitment to the faith. She did not have a pietistic bone in her body, but her devotion was nonetheless clear and articulate."

One evening at a dinner party in her home, [she and Boyd] were animatedly discussing some theological idea. In the midst of the give and take her teenage daughter, probably frustrated with all of the high-blown discussion of religion, asked, "Mother, why do you talk about religion all the time? Why are you so religious?"

This query brought a loud hush to the dining table. Her mother paused dramatically, pushed her chair back from the table, stood and responded, "Every morning before you are awake, I rise and walk into the living room. I lift my arms and ask, 'Who's in charge here?' The answer always comes back: 'Not you!' That's why I am religious. Because I am not in charge!"

"Religious life begins with the realization that we are not in charge, and from there we can proceed to align ourselves to the One who is in charge."

--Lectionary Homiletics, June 1993, p. 33.

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