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He was the town drunk in Fairfield, Texas. He was married to Janie, who was a School teacher, and he was an embarrassment to her and many others. People would have to walk around him as he lay passed out in the streets.

In a revival in Freestone County in 1939, in the same schoolhouse where his wife was the teacher, J.D. Metzger made the choice to become a follower of Christ. God saved him, delivered him from alcoholism, and filled him with the Holy Spirit.

He went into those same streets that he used to lay on, passed out from drinking, and stand in the streets and preach the word to anyone who would listen. He was asked the Question, “When were you called to preach, and He said, "I’m not sure I was called, I think I just volunteered.”

Bro. & Sis. Metzger were great soul winners for the Lord.

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