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A few years ago, when I lived in West Virginia with my parents, my father wanted some chickens. My mother did not really want any chickens running around the yard, but she finally gave in. So my father went on a search to find some chickens. He finally found some "Game" chickens. I did not know a lot about chickens and I still do not know a lot about chickens, but one thing I know about "Game" chickens, they multiply and fight. About one month after my father brought a few chickens home, we had chickens everywhere. It was hard to play outside because of the chickens. I remember coming home from school and the chickens would be fighting. I would leave for school and the chickens would be fighting. I would wake up in the morning and the chickens would be fighting. There was one other aspect about the chickens I noticed. When a storm would come and the rain would start, the little chicks would run to the momma hen and get under her wings. It was an amazing sight. The chicks would have protection from the storm by going to the mother. It reminded me of the Christian life. As Christians, we are going to have "storms" in our life. How are we going to react during these times of troubles? We must run to God.

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