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Many of these rules for evaluating the behavior and social skills of children in public schools are exemplery for how Christians should behave in the church family:

Caring Cooperative Respectful

Classroom •

Being inclusive • Thoughfful, kind• Recognize feelings• Understand others’ feelings

• Sharing • Helping others • Consensus building • Give & take • Accepting roles

& tasks • Listening to others • Wait to respond • Accept the right of others to have

differing opinions * Use appropriate language • Maintains others’ personal space

• Welcomes diversity


• Feelings • Helping others • Being inclusive • Good sportsmanship

• Help up when hurt • Refrain from yelling • Asking others to play

• Play the rules of games • Share equipment • Inclusive in game

activities • Appreciate others’ needs for space and different recreation

• Following directions • Lets anyone join games

Common Area/Atrium

• Pick up after oneself • Staying in line • Courtesy

(edited from SMeadow/S%20Meadow%20CCRchart.pdf)

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