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Kokomo Tribune writer Scott Smith wrote an article for the Kokomo Tribune headlined, "Dam destruction part of Wildcat Creek’s revival." It reads:

"The water upstream from the old Continental Steel dam looks almost stagnant. The streambed is deep, and the surface untroubled. But the lack of rills and whitewater along that stretch of the Wildcat Creek troubles Garry Hill, a founding member of the Wildcat Guardians advocacy group. Any kind of old, small dam like that does nothing but create an unnatural situation in the streambed,” Hill said Tuesday. “The sediment collected behind the dam becomes a collection of everything a community puts into a river." Remove the dam, and the creek will return to its natural channel, Hill said. The stagnant smells upstream at Foster Park will disappear. Small rapids will begin to appear where before everything was placid. Next month, Hill will be on hand to witness the destruction of the concrete structure, which now sits in the middle of the Wildcat along Park Road."

Sometimes it takes a radical removal of something to make a positive change.

The same is true in the realm of individual lives. Sometimes our God has to act in major ways to begin the process of transforming a sinner into a saint, a skeptic into a believer, a rebel into a follower. In all cases, the new birth is a miracle.

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