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Text Illustrations
Many years ago in St. Louis a Christian man was completing some business with a lawyer. Before leaving the office, the Christian turned to the lawyer and said: "I have often wanted to ask you a question, but I have been a coward." The lawyer replied, "I didn’t think you were afraid of anything!" What is the question?" The client asked, "Why aren’t you a Christian?" The lawyer hung his head. "You know my weakness," he said. "Isn’t there something in the Bible about drunkards having no part in the kingdom of God?" Not to be detoured, the Christian said, "That’s not what I am asking you. I want to know why you aren’t a Christian." "Well," said the lawyer, "I can’t recall that anybody asked me, and I’m sure nobody ever told me how to become a Christian!" Before long, the 2 were praying together, and God moved into that lawyer’s life. He saved him and immediately broke the power of alcohol that had bound him. The lawyer was Cyrus L. Scofield - Scofield Reference Bible.

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