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In July of 1976, I had returned from attending the National Sword of The Lord soul winning and revival conference in Atlanta, Georgia. It was on a Thursday night and around eleven thirty at night when I arrived at my home in Woodbury. My brother-in-law had called and told me he wanted to get right with the Lord and wanted to talk. So I left my home after getting the message and drove another fourteen miles to their home to pick him up. We decided to ask him to stay the night at our house so that we could talk and pray without interuption.As we left their home we drove through the city of Manchester Georgia, and turned to go through the downtown section. Passing a series of stores on main street I noticed a light on in the store, and heard the sound of a saw running. We turned around and went back and parked in front of the store and I went in to see who was there. A man was crouched down laying wood tile on a stair way. Hi! Anyone here? I ask. With that the man looked up from his work and stared at me.

While he sat on the steps of the stairway I showed this man the simple plan of salvation and ask him to receive Christ as Saviour. He bowed and prayed with me to know the Lord, and was marvelously saved that late night. He is now a deacon of a local Church and has been for many years.

Had I left and gone straight home this soul would not have been saved that night. The harvest came because the seed had been planted and watered, and the harvest came and was reaped.

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