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Man who sold the farm in Georgia.

I am reminded here of a country boy who grew up in the West Central Georgia area. He had grew up from a boy to manhood on his dad and mom’s farm. He left only to return after his parents had died and lived on this farm, letting it grow up in trees. For some thirty five years he got by on the money his parents left, and just stayed around the farm all those years. Then one day, his money almost gone, and worrying that he was going to have to go to work, decided to sell the place. He advertised the place and it was sold for a mere 60,000 dollars. The man who bought the farm, a week later had a timber company come in and cut the trees. In less than three months the sale of the timber had made the buyer back over 100,00 dollars. Had that man not given up, and had he been wise in his living, he would have kept the farm, and still made 40,000 dollars. But he quit because of worry. Worry will make you as tired as anything, maybe even more than anything else.

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