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“Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.”

- Soren Kierkegaard

We all know at least one person that, when given something really beautiful as a gift, will open a closet and store it away for “a special day” or “for when company comes over.” When you gave that gift to them, you envisioned them using and enjoying it, but they feel it is for “someday,” not for today.

Many people live the largest portion of their lives in “someday” mode. Everything good is going to happen “someday.” All their dreams are going to come true “someday.” Things are going to calm down or get better “someday.”

Sometimes we live in someday mode because we are so busy today that there seems to be no time to enjoy anything. Why are we in such a hurry? What are we hurrying to? More work? More stress? More rushing through holidays we are supposed to be enjoying?

Sometimes we live in someday mode because all our happiest times seem to be behind us. And that’s where the happiest times will always be if we aren’t doing anything to create a happy life now. Some people feel there is some person or obstacle that makes it impossible for them to enjoy today as much as yesterday.

Sometimes we are just making excuses because we are afraid to take a chance on our dreams and really live now. Or we feel living our life the way we would enjoy it would upset someone else close to us.

My sister was diagnosed with a terminal illness in 1998. Though she lived almost five full years after that, she never let a single day go by that she did not experience everything it had to offer her. Having been ill more of her life than not with a heart condition, she learned early on that life holds no guarantees and she never left anything for tomorrow that needed to be said or done today. She took up keyboard playing, she sang, she shopped, she did crafts, she spent time with her children and her grandchildren. She cooked huge holiday meals and spent time with those she loved. Though she was often in severe pain, it was common for her to make jokes and keep everyone else around her laughing. Right up until the end of her life, she lived every moment to its fullest and her life and

her home were filled with love and laughter.

Life is not a relay. When we rush down the fast lane of life, we miss the most enjoyable moments and people it has to offer - the hope of a beautiful sunrise, the calm of the soft summer rain, the whisper of the breeze through the pines, the laughter of children in the park. We can run past all these moments paying homage to our busyness or we can realize this may be the last sunrise we are offered, the last rain we will see…. and slow down and ...

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