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James Whistler, the Victorian artist, showed scant respect for the hierarchy of any profession. When his poodle fell ill with a throat infection, the artist sent immediately for the country’s leading ear, nose, and throat specialist. Sir Morell Mackenzie was not amused when he was shown his patient, but he conducted a thorough examination, wrote out a prescription, and left with his fee.

The next day Sir Morell Mackenzie sent the artist James Whistler a message; in it he asked him to call on him without delay. Fearing some development in the poodle’s condition, James Whistler hurried to the doctor’s house.

"So good of you to come, Mr. Whistler," said Mackenzie as his visitor was shown in. "I wanted to see you about having my front door painted."

Well, Sir Morell Mackenzie got his revenge and made his point effectively!

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