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It reminds me of a poem sent me over five years ago. Written by a poet named Joann VanDomelen, etntitled "Birth to Rebirth"...

This is a story about a boy

who was born on Christmas Day,

A story of love, pain, sacrifice

and what he gave away.

As a child he laughed, he played,

As all we children do.

As a man, he held a job,

Just like me, just like you.

He toiled like other men…

A carpenter by trade.

He then became a preaching man...

A sacrifice was made.

He preached of love and caring

About His fellow man.

He gathered people to him

As he traveled throughout the land.

He became a source of envy

To those who would not hear.

And so the road to pain and death

Was now so very near.

For his loving gentle ways,

He was nailed tightly to a cross.

His life is what he gave away,

It seemed a terrible loss.

But three days later a miracle…

He was given a second birth.

He was with us again that day

He walked about the earth.

Then he went to join his faiher

In the heavens high above.

And now sends down his pardon

And his ever-abiding love.

I’m so ...

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