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In the book, No Bad Dogs, by British dog trainer Barbara Woodhouse, she says dogs understand

love better than we do. She writes, “In a dog’s mind, a master or a mistress to love, honor, and obey is

an absolute necessity. The love is dormant in the dog until brought into full bloom by an understanding

owner. Thousands of dogs appear to love their owners, they welcome them home with enthusiastic

wagging of the tail and jumping up, they follow them about their houses happily and, to the normal person

seeing the dog, the affection is true and deep. But to the experienced dog trainer this outward show is

not enough. The true test of love takes place when the dog has got the opportunity to go out on its own

as soon as the door is left open by mistake and it goes off and often doesn’t return home for hours. That

dog loves only its home comforts and the attention it gets from its family; it doesn’t truly love the master

or mistress as they fondly think. True love in dogs is apparent when a door is left open and the dog still

stays happily within earshot of ...

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