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Max Lucado - Despite having sold 15 million books, a one-minute radio show in 900 markets, and a church of over 3,000 in weekly attendance, Lucado has not always been so "angelic." From his sophomore to senior year in high school, in his words, he "walked the path of the prodigal." He hid it, for the most part, from his mother by faking religion.

"I spent three years drinking and partying... During that stretch, I probably abandoned every single value that I'd been taught. I'd go to church, but I would not listen. I wouldn't sing. I led a dual life."

Max could down a six-pack of beer without feeling anything, and his drinking quickly led to womanizing and worse. His carousing upset Max's father Jack, who came from a family of nine siblings, some of whom were alcoholics. Max's drinking was "the ultimate act of rebellion."

How did Max Lucado, the one-time prodigal become a famous writer/author/preacher? IT’S CALLED GOD’S GRACE!

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