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I once lived in a town where there were two preachers who were polar opposites. The one was very charismatic and enthusiastic. But, he did not preach the Bible. I asked him one day why he didn't preach the Bible. His answer was that the people could read their Bibles at home. He preached empty-headed fluff. After the initial delight in hearing his enthusiasm, I realized that I was starving spiritually. I had experienced a spiritual sugar rush, but not been fed. I left empty and hungry.

The other preacher I have in mind, preached dry, didactic and yet meaty and biblical sermons. His sermons were rich and meaningful and filled with Scripture. As I began to listen more intently to the dry preacher, I realized that I was being fed deep and nutritious spiritual food. I had something to take home with me that I could meditate on all week.

Next time you listen to a preacher who seems to be dull, ask yourself whether you are being spiritually fed or are going away empty and hungry. Naturally, the Word of God deserves to be preached with more enthusiasm, but some personalities are just not made by God that way. I would rather be fed richly by the driest preacher in the world than listen to enthusiastic, empty hype and starve spiritually. When Jesus instructed His disciples to teach what they had been taught by Him, how many preachers obey?

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