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Today I had lunch with a man who is what we call a Maori Kaumatua, or leader. He is in His late 50’s, when he was 10 he and His family had no knowledge of Jesus or his claims on their lives. In fact they were deeply into the other side, having open visions of their tribal guardian and other spirits. His young sister got cancer and was dying; He loved his little sister and wanted to see her well again. One morning while he was milking the cow He saw Jesus appear to him on the cross, Jesus spoke to him and said Ï loved you so much that I suffered this for you. Then Jesus appeared to him in all His Glory and said then I became like this in order to set you free. Remembering that this was a 10 year old. He ran to His mum and told her what had happened; she struggled with it and suggested they call a local minister to see what he thought. He came and was amazed at the vision the boy had received, then suggested that he lay his hand on his little sister and pray for her. As he prayed she began to convulse and vomit a black substance, They rushed her to the doctor who examined her and proclaimed, this girl is healed, the only thing wrong with her now is a lack of food, give her a feed. That was nearly 50 years ago, she is still well today!

This vision of the king of Glory changed this family forever, The man is on fire to this day, because heaven came down and changed his world view.

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