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We live in the age of information overload. Consider the following:

Ø New York Times contains more factual information in one edition than all the written materials available to a reader in the 15th century.

Ø In 1472 the finest university library in the world was Queen’s College, Cambridge, it contained 199 books. Now there are 60,000 new books released in the USA each year, 300,000 worldwide.

Ø 18,000 magazines published in the USA alone.

Ø 400,000 ‘scholarly’ journals published annually in the world.

Ø 15 billion catalogues delivered last year to American homes.

Ø 1.6 trillion pieces of paper circulate in US offices each year.

Ø A 2000 University of Illinois study showed that there are 11,339 distinct electronic databases (301 in 1975).

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