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As a teenager, I went to an outdoor drama of the crucifiction of Christ. I was not a Christian but was curious about all of this Jesus stuff. The audience was to play the part of the crowd during Jesus’s trial and death on the cross. We all shouted "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" They brought Jesus out and began to beat him. Even though I knew it was just a play, I was amazed at how I was drawn into it. As we the crowd began to follow Jesus up the hill carrying his cross, Jesus stopped and fell to his knees. (I didn’t know he was supposed to do that.) A Roman Soldier looked right at me, pointed, and yelled- "You carry his cross." I was stunned and confused. I hoped he was talking to someone else. Before I knew it, there I was carrying this heavy wooden cross up the hill. For the first time, all of this Jesus stuff began to make sense.

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