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As an elementary age kid I received a present which made my life complete. I finally had my very own set of cowboy boots! I was so proud of them, I would have slept in them if my mom would have allowed it. I have 2 cousins who were born the same year as me. When our families got together, naturally, we hung out together. One day, we were all together, running around outside. I was showing off my new boots, and for some reason, we got into my grandfather’s garden. It had been raining on freshly tilled dirt, and I started sinking. I was sure I had found quicksand and my life was in danger. I cried out for help and my two heroic cousins came to my rescue. They tugged on my arms while the mud tried to pull me under. It was a close call, but the next thing I knew, I was free! I had a moment of elation, but then to my utter horror I discovered, the evil mud had kept is stranglehold on my boot, and I was sure it must be sinking to China! I cried out, “Save my boot!” Thankfully, they were able to retrieve it as well.

Fear. It is a powerful and sometimes crippling thing. It doesn't even matter if it is rational or not.

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