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In the best selling book "She said Yes!" Missy Bernall tells the story of her daughter Cassie, one of the students killed at Columbine High School. Cassie grew up in church, she came from a nice family, had friends and a nice life.

Then it all changed.

When Cassie entered high school (not Columbine) she changed peer groups. She became friends with some teens who were into Satanic Rituals and other destructive behaviors. Soon Cassie and her friends we praying to Satan for a teacher’s and their parents’ death. Life at home with Cassie became unbearable. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, until it couldn’t get any worse. And then it got worse.

Missy, Cassie’s mom, found some letters between Cassie and her friends describing their plans for murdering their parents. When they confronted Cassie all ’hell’ broke loose. Grounding her didn’t help. Cutting her off from the phone didn’t solve it. In fact, telling the police and getting the families together only made it worse--Cassie’s parents became the target of blame.

Where had they gone wrong? The Bernall’s were providing a nice home for Cassie, they loved her, they took her to church, and yet she was becoming their worst nightmare. Like many Christians, the Bernall’s squeezed in time for their children, but something had to change-what they were doing wasn’t working!

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