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Blinded by The Light

The first thing that blinds us to God’s Truth is the blinding effect of God’s Word Itself. Here’s how it works.

High Beams

Have you ever had the experience of driving down a dark road at night, come to the crest of a hill only to be blasted by the brilliant high beam lights of an oncoming vehicle in the other lane? It’s blinding isn’t it? Why? Because your eyes are so adjusted to the darkness, that when a brilliant luminescence hits you, it’s impossible for the rods and cones in your eyes to adjust quick enough resulting in being blinded by the light.

A similar thing happens when we try to read God’s Word without the help of the Holy Spirit. The bible tells us that we are born in sin. Which basically means that each of us are born with the tendency to want our own way and to live independently without God in our lives. As we grow up this way, our spiritual eyes are so accustomed to the darkness of our sin that when the Light of God’s Word hits us, it has a blinding effect. The Light’s there, but instead of helping us see, it has a blinding effect. And just as Isaiah prophesied we are …

“ever seeing, but never perceiving”

Isaiah 6:9 (NIV)

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