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The Bible is very blunt about sin – it doesn’t matter how YOU grade your sin, if you don’t accept that you’ve sinned… you can’t fix the problem.

It’s like a man having a deadly disease. He experiencing distressing physical problems but doesn’t KNOW he’s going to die ... he’s just afraid that might be the outcome.

So what does he do? Does he go see a doctor. Noooo. Going to the doctor would be admitting that he might die and he refuses to accept that.

If he doesn’t go see the doctor, then there’s no verdict that he will die. Therefore, he won’t die. And yes, that’s the way some people reason.

But since this ailing man refuses to see a doctor, he can’t fix what’s wrong in his life.

And so ... he dies.

And so it with sin.

God is the doctor.

Sin is the disease.

And unless we give our sin sick souls to Him, we will die in our sins.

We’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

As one person once noted: "The word SIN… has an 'I' in the middle." (Dr. Karl Menninger)

I have sinned.

It’s MY fault.

MY problem.

MY guilt.

MY shame.

And until I deal with that sin and guilt, it's always gonna be there.

What Psalm 85 is telling us is this: God knows all that.

He IS a righteous God. He knows you’ve sinned... but He loves you anyway. And He wants to FIX the damage your sin has done to your life. And He loves you so much, He wants to forgive you. He wants to remove your sin.

God is righteous, and you’re not. You don’t deserve His love or forgiveness, but He gives it anyway.

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