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A man who was not an architect decided to draw the plans for his new home. He was very proud of what he had done. He hired a builder with the firm understanding that he would follow the blueprints exactly. "You may not like my plans, but they suit me. So don't even try to change anything, even if it appears best in your judgment. I want to take all the credit and show the world what I can do."

The owner was out of town while the house was being framed but on his return he went immediately to inspect it. With his plans in hand, he and the builder checked out the downstairs. "Just like I designed it," he complimented the builder.

"Now let's take a look upstairs." Looking around he couldn't find the staircase. "There isn't any," the builder said. "The owner was irate. "How could any carpenter in his right mind build a two-story house without a staircase?" The builder spread out the plans, and recalled the agreement. To his amazement and embarrassment, the owner found that he had forgotten to design any steps.

We smile at that but there is a lesson in this story that hits close to home. All around us we have people who want a second story, a third ...

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