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Ken Blanchard writes:

When my son Scott was a senior in high school, he used to cause problems by parking his truck in the driveway. Nobody could get in or out because his truck was big enough to go to war. I always told him to park it out in the street.

One day I came home to find he'd not only blocked the driveway with his truck but had gone away and taken his keys with him. I was furious. Three hours later he showed up, and I was waiting for him. I stormed out of the house and let him have it. I didn't leave him in doubt about what he'd done wrong and how I felt about it.

As I was walking back to the house, Scott raced after me. He followed me into the kitchen. "Dad?," he said, "You forgot the last part of the reprimand--you know, the part about 'You're a good kid, I love you, ...

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