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This is the time of year when we attempt to fulfill our New Year's excuses...oops, I mean resolutions. And speaking of resolutions...oops, I mean excuses, I found several good ones this week as I prepared for this morning. I make no excuse for any of them.

This is one from a man pulled over for speeding by an Australian police officer: "My wife's about to get pregnant. And I need to be there when it happens".

From another officer is this one: "I had a guy for 63 in a 25. He said he was speeding up for the 55[MPH] zone ahead." (1/4 mile ahead)

Now students of any age are not exempt from making excuses about homework, are they? Here is one from a student about his or her math homework not being done on time: "I have a solar powered calculator and it was cloudy."

Then there are excuses about giving to the church, right? Here is a very interesting one from somebody about giving to the church: "God doesn't need my money."

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