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Two Kentucky farmers who owned racing stables had developed a keen rivalry. One spring, each of them entered a horse in local steeplechase. Thinking that a professional rider might help him outdo his friend, one of the farmers engaged a crack jockey.

The two horses were the leading the race at the last fence, but it proved too tough for them. Both horses fell, unseating their riders.

But, this calamity did not stop the professional jockey. He quickly remounted and won the race.

Returning triumphant to the paddock, the jockey found the farmer who had hired him fuming with rage. "What’s the matter," asked the jockey. "I won didn’t I?" "Oh, yes," roared the farmer. "You won all right, but you still don’t know, do you?"

"Know what?" asked the jockey.

"You won the race on the wrong horse!"

There are several horses that we have the option to ride in our lives: One is called "success", but it too can throw us off. Others are called "anger," "jealousy," or "wealth." But, these too can give out and we can find ourselves flying through the air. When we get back on and start riding, will it be the right horse?

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