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There once was a little three year old girl who had always enjoyed the soft and gentle voice of her father. In her eyes her father was the most loving and kind man in the world. She loved it when he held her in his arms and cradled her. In the eyes of the world, even though her father was very friendly, he was also very scary. He had huge muscles, stood 7’0" tall, and was known as a great warrior throughout the country. The enemies of his country hated this warrior, and one day decided to send a group of five men to try and take his daughter captive while the man was sleeping. However, just when they had gotten into his daughter’s bedroom, the huge father woke up. He came bursting into the bedroom, thoroughly beat the men and killed them, leaving a blood bath right in the daughter’s presence. Throughout this whole ordeal, the little three year old girl huddled in the corner - fearing for her life. When the slaughter was done, the father tenderly walked toward his daughter, but she at first cowered. She had never seen her father like that. She didn’t like it. Neither did he. So he gently talked to his daughter and said to her, “come here, my girl. I didn’t want to do that. But those men were bent on hurting you, and I just couldn’t allow that to happen.” With those gentle words, the girl came running into her father’s arms - and throughout the blood spattered on his face and hands - she found the same father that she had known and loved.

Whenever we see God’s wrath come crashing down, it is a scary sight. It’s scary to see him thunder and hail - pestilence - boils - and ...

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