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Philippine Missionary Fellowship, Inc. is a mission-organization founded in 1957. It is now 46 years old. Members, workers, leaders and sponsors have come and go but the mission of the Lord is continuously growing and doing mightily in the sight of God. At present, there are 260 workers in the mission field and 500 churches were established in around 20 provinces nationwide. We can imagine how the Lord blessed PMF with leaders who ran the organization with success. I believed that PMF is truly a strong organization established not by the great men alone, but the Lord.

The lack of potential leaders is not founded in the Scriptures. This is merely a speculation. Some think that PMF has no potential leaders who can lead the organization the way it was led by the former leaders. While others think that they can never run the mission due to lack of leadership training and skills.

J. Oswald Sanders, in his book “Spiritual Leadership” told that 85% of spiritual leaders are made through the influence of others. They became effective leaders because of the training and experience they gained from the past and improve in the present. The body of Christ is made up of great leaders that are gifted in every area of the ministry. The Holy Spirit had given them so much talents and gifts that every one will become ...

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