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“Serving daily in the monotonous details of life uncovers the deep roots of selfishness in my soul. Feeding, sheltering and clothing my family translates into cooking, cleaning, and laundry EVERY day for years with no end in sight. This is no short term mission trip. The constant demands of two your children on my time and energy sap the strength from me. This daily serving can make me downright cranky. This is when I wonder how God’s idea could possibly be true. Rick Warren has led the free world to pursue their purpose in life and is feeding Africa. I reorganized the toys today to fool the kids into thinking their new. (Free parent tip: This Works!!) How am I great in God’s kingdom? One day I was having lunch with a friend who is currently in full time ministry. Somewhere in the middle of a lengthy conversation, she said, “I want to tell you what an example it is for me that you are obeying God by staying home with your children right now. I know it is difficult for you but you still choose obedience. Your life encourages me to obey God.” That’s when it hit me. Well-known leaders often inspire and challenge us but it is “daily life” leaders who deeply influence us.”

Joanna DeWolf

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