Text Illustrations
My wife knows me for what I am. She knows that I’m like a little child easily amused by some of the simplest things. I can remember coming back from... Chicago airport??.......long time ago and there was one of these...I don’t know what you would call it... it was enclosed in plexiglass...it was huge it was about 10 feet on each side, It was a series of rails and buckets, and ramps and little Curley ques things and, and what would happen is a little ball would start rolling down the ramp, and ...........

All the parts have to be there...the little up and down guy, the solid part that holds everything together, everything working in perfect harmony, everything moving at just the right time.

Wouldn’t it be neat if that was the way all churches worked? We should! No egos ... no struggles... no disagreements... just keeping the main thing the main thing