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Mark Thornton relates a story that fits this message quite well. Mark says:

“As I was getting ready to come to church one day, I was helping my son to get a bath -- and frankly, he didn’t want to have a bath, especially because he couldn’t sit and play in the tub for a while. And he resisted, complained, and made it difficult -- but we struggled through it and got him clean, for the most part. As we finished up, I told him to stand up and get out so we could get him dried off and dressed for church; to which he responded, "I Can’t!"

I replied, "What do you mean, you can’t?"

He scowled at me and said, "Daddy, I Can’t!!"

Now unfortunately, we’ve been through this routine before so I knew how to respond. "You mean -- You Don’t Want To, right?” To which he begrudgingly nodded. It wasn’t that he "couldn’t" get out, he "didn’t want" to get out of the bathtub -- he wanted to stay in and play for a while.

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