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InstrumentsOf Grace In His Service

The grace of God can  turn problems to patience, vexation to victory and tragedy to triumph.   The same pressure that can cause a destructive explosion can be harnessed to drive the wheels of progress.   Pressure usually produces and the production can be good or bad.   Both the Old and New Testaments give many examples of the right and wrong ways God’s people have responded to pressure as they were tested in the crucible of crisis.   The mere mention of names such as Job, Jonah, Joseph, Elijah, David and Peter immediately conjures up images of proper and improper responses to the pressures of Christian living.  It is clear that the grace of God is the key factor in the proper response to problems.


One of my most vivid and pleasant memories from my childhood involves working the bellows for my father and uncle, who were both trained by my grandfather  as blacksmiths.  I would watch as they would heat farm tools in a fiery bed of charcoal,  quickly withdraw them,  beat ...

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