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There is the story about a man who visited the Fiji islands. This visitor was skeptical of missionaries. He even spoke with the chief and told him that the missionaries only wanted to get rich from them. The visitor said that nobody believed what the Bible had to say nowadays. He even went as far as to say nobody listens to the story about Jesus either. He concluded his remarks by saying “People know better now, and I am sorry for you that you have been foolish”. The Fijian chief shocked this visitor when he told him about their old savage ways. The chief said, “Do you see that stone over there? On that stone we smashed the heads of our victims to death. Do you see that native oven over there? In that oven we roasted human bodies for our great feasts. If it had not been for those good missionaries, the Bible, and the love of Jesus Christ which changed us from savages into ...

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