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I read a story of a father who was preparing to go on a trip to grandma’s house over the Thanksgiving Holidays. He describes the episode as if it were a theology lab. This father and mother began comparing their mental notes of spiritual perceptions. He said, “A journey is a journey, whether the destination be the Thanksgiving table or the heavenly one. Both demand patience, and a good sense of direction, and a driver who knows that the feast at the end of the trip is worth the hassles in the midst of the trip. ” (Max Lucado. The Eye Of The Storm. Dallas: Word Publishing, 199, p. 115). He continues as he says, “When I’m in the driver’s seat as the father of my children, I remember that I am in charge. But when I’m in the passenger’s seat as a child of my Father, I forget that he’s in charge. I forget that ...

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