Text Illustrations
Eric woke up in the hospital after a devastating accident at his work place. He had a severely broken neck and a number of other traumatic injuries. When he was able to speak with the doctor, he asked what his chances of surviving and walking again. The doctor told him that only 3% of patients with his injury ever recover enough to walk again. Eric became somber for a moment, then said, "3%, eh? I’ll take it!" So with the doctor’s 3% in one hand and Almighty God in the other, Eric believed God for a miracle. Then he asked if he would be able to play the violin if he recovered. The doctor replied, "If you can walk out of here, you’ll be able to play the violin." "Great", said Eric. "I could never play it before!"

 To make a long story short, Eric is walking and raising a family in rural Ontario, Canada.

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