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Many unbelievers try to identify Jesus with the occult, or with other Religions. I remember one particular home in India where I saw pictures of the Hindu god’s lining the walls. There, mixed in with Krishna and Vishnu --- lined up between Ganesh, an elephant-headed god, and another god with multiple arms --- was a picture of Jesus Christ.

But you don’t have to travel to India to see people trying to fit Jesus in with false religions. We have a proliferation of cults and “New-Age” kinds of religions right here in the USA. (Actually, New Age is just an updated term for Old Witchcraft and paganism.)

o We see a revival of the ancient religion of Earth-Worship (usually with an Environmental focus)

o A cleaned-up kind of Witchcraft (sometimes called Wicca or “white magic”) is growing in popularity.

o Many people have gravitated toward some kind of vague belief that involves using Crystals and Magnets and harnessing cosmic energy.

o More and more people are consulting Astrologers or calling the Psychic Hotline

Leaders of cults or ...

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