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Blow the trump and ring the bell;

Dress it up and make it sell;

Fill it with the rich and well;

And count the heads.

We’re doing well!

But where’s the faith?

Read the creed and get it right;

Hold it fast with all your might;

Close the door and bolt it tight;

We’ve no need for further light!

But where’s the faith?

Build the church and make it grow,

Cushioned pews in classic row;

Made for comfort we love so.

Come in, relax, enjoy the show!

But where’s the faith?

Like James said, that’s a whole lot of religious activity, but it’s not saving relationship of faith with our Lord Jesus Christ. But…

In the sickroom on the bed –

Invalid, helpless, but not dead

Hear her praying through the pain,

"May my suffering be your gain."

There’s the faith.

Here a loving mother gives,

With all the reason that she lives,

To strive against unnumbered odds

And bring her children to know God.

There’s the faith.

’Surprising, isn’t it, where the faith is found;

Not where reigns the world renown,

But in the din of work and strife,

Where the Cross meets daily life.

There’s the faith.

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