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That’s why I think we should all subscribe to the Southerner’s version of the Gospel. You see, there’s no such thing as a singular pronoun in the South. They don’t say you. They say y’all. Even if they’re talking to one person. “Y’all think Wal-Mart’s still open?” “Y’all going to the pig roast tonight?” “Hey Bubba, y’all want some sweet tea?” So in Southern theology, there’s no such thing as an individual. Everyone is a stone built into a spiritual house; everyone is an individual in the midst of a community.

But they don’t use the word community in the south; they just use the plural of “y’all,” which is “all y’all.” So what Peter is really saying is “Come to Jesus Christ, the living stone, and because y’all are living stones, too, all y’all will be built into a spiritual house.” This is All Y’all’s Christian Church.

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