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There’s a story of a farmer who was taking a sackful of corn to sell in town. On the way there, he sees the king ride by in his fancy golden chariot. The farmer flagged him down and stopped him, and said, “Dear King! You give me so much through your benevolence and generosity! I wish there was something I could give you.”

The King said, “Well, you can give me all your corn?”

“Oh, I can’t do that. I need to sell that in the market. But I can give you five kernels.”

“Alright,” said the King, “I’ll take five kernels from you as a gift.”

The farmer gave the king five kernels and then finished his trip to town. When he got to the market and opened his sack, he found five of his kernels had turned to gold. And he wept, realizing that if he had given more, more would have been given to him in return.

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