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What were to happen if you were leaving for vacation and you went to flip of the breakers that ran the hot water heater so that you could save money not heating water that you didn’t need and instead you mistakenly flip the breaker for the refrigerator. You leave for two weeks and when you return you go the refrigerator doors and open them to find everything spoiled and rotting. The smell rises up into your face and it becomes a moving experience straight to the bathroom. So you decide to fix the problem. You clean the outside of the refrigerator with 409 and polish it up real nice. Since the outside is clean then the inside is clean right. No! So you figure that your refrigerator needs to feel good about itself and "get happy" so you throw it a party. You invite over all the other appliances and they all have a great time. The toaster is burning up the dance floor, everybody is laughing at the range, because the refrigerator from next door is giving him the cold shoulder. And everybody loves the blender because he is mixing so well with the rest of the crowd. You figure that should do it, right. No!

(Illustration provided by Gene Appel)

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