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A gentleman from my church told a story about his family. Each day as he came home from work, he stopped on his way into his house to pet his dog, and give it some affection. One day as he came in the house, his wife said with a little frustration, "Why is it that every day you always pet the dog and talk to the dog, but you never seem that happy to see your own wife and kids!? You spend several minutes with the dog, but you barely say anything to us." The man grumbled, "Well, you never seem that happy to see me either! But the dog is always glad to see me. She runs to me, puts on a happy face, and wags her tail when I pet her." The man didn’t think much more about their conversation until the next day when he came home from work. As he walked through the front door, to his surprise, there were his wife and daughter, down on all fours, smiling at him and wagging their "tails". He remarked, "If I can make time to pet my dog and let her know I’m glad to see her, I can surely do a better job of letting my wife and kids know how much I love them. We can all decide what kind of attitude we will have in the way we treat our families."

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