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Prince Caspian is about a crucial theme of the gospel of God’s kingdom—reconciliation. It is about the reconciliation between High King Peter and Prince Caspian. [view clip] It is the reconciliation that Prince Caspian has with his hatred and anger from his past. But most of all it about the reconciliation between the humans and the myth creatures. It is about finding peace and forgiveness. All are crucial ideas of God’s kingdom.

In the story, Prince Caspian has escaped into the deep forest after his uncle seizes the throne and attempts to have Caspian killed. From there Caspian summons the heroes of the first movie to return to Narnia to set things right. A thousand years has passed in Narnia while it has only been one year in our world. Reminds me of the scripture that says a thousand years is like a day to the Lord and day is like a thousand years.

What we learn is that these humans called Telmarines have taken control of Narnia and have tried to wipe out the myth creatures. Caspian needs the myth creatures with the help of Aslan to set things right and bring reconciliation between the races. Furthermore there is a competition between Peter and Caspian who each have different ideas on how to depose Caspian’s evil uncle. Finally they reconcile learning to sacrifice for one another.

Specifically this narrative is about race reconciliation. It is Christian in that in God’s kingdom there is no Jew or Gentile. They is no male or female. There is no black or white. This story shows us that in God’s kingdom there is no place for discrimination.

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