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Thus when Paul talks about Christ washing the church there is a definite connotation baptism through the pouring out of water and then another connection through the spirit of God that is poured out. Therefore men we are to be the source for the women in our lives. We are to be the source of life. The head of a river holds nothing back. It gushes forth its own life and provides a flow that provides life, sometimes for millions of people. Men, we are to be that source.

The head is not to dominate. It is not to speak for the women. It is not the head that makes all the decisions. It means we are to be the source of life and growth and love and mercy and justice and grace in the lives of all the women in our lives.

Let me ask the men this question first. If we understand this to mean the source, how could we be the source of life for the women of our lives?

Ok, let’s ask the women. Now I don’t want to embarrass anyone. Ladies, take the pieces of paper and write down ways that the men in your life could be the source for you. I will collect them in a moment and read them that way the guys won’t feel like you are pointing fingers at them. Take your time ladies.

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