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Sam wasn’t emotionally mature and was considered pretty insensitive. He just did not want to or could not pick up on what people were expressing. Sure he went to church every Sunday morning and evening. He was an usher every week. But he was stunted spiritually. He often understood what the scriptures said and could give the right answers but sometimes it just seemed that he didn’t get it. He thought that he was compassionate at least for a guy. Most people perceived him to be a good guy who would help you do something but also blunt and direct even to the point of being harsh. He made no qualms about it but justified it as “calling them like he sees them.” He was speaking the truth.

One evening the phone rang. On the other end was a woman who asked for Sam’s wife. She was sobbing and could hardly get her words out. “Jeez,” he thought to himself, “She should get her act together before she gets on the phone and makes a fool of herself.”

“Just a second,” Sam told the caller. Since he didn’t know where in the house his wife was, Sam just bellowed out in an irritated voice, “Marge, it’s for you!”

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