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Often people want to be mighty oaks. They want to be seen as strong and tall and be looked up to. We want the attention. We want to be admired. Except we don’t want to take the time to grow strong, deep roots. Jesus says that he want to make it as clear as possible. God is doing a great and new thing through his kingdom. Are you a part of it or are you one of those who are blind and deaf and don’t even realize it? I’ve been there. I know what that is like.

Superficial spirituality doesn’t even come close. Jesus wasn’t just a prophet but he was the prophet as the Son of God. Moses was considered to be the prophet because he spoke with God and relayed God’s commands and covenant. Jesus fulfilled everything in the old covenant in order to create this radical new one based on forgiveness, God’s love, and God’s amazing and limitless grace.

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