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I read a book some time ago entitled Wisdom Hunter. Randal Arthur, a missionary, wrote it. It told of a pastor who was involved in a denomination that controlled its people with traditions and their interpretations of God’s Word. He became disgusted with that and even turned away from God. Finally, he met an older teacher who would cause him to reconsider his faith. On once occasion the once-pastor was in a meeting. A Frenchman stood up and told of how he had become a Christian five months earlier. His greatest desire was to please God. Several of those present who were Americans had told him that an ideal Christian should be clean and well-groomed on the outside. He also told them that this concept of the Christian testimony was foreign to him, but if this was what God expected he would be willing to make the changes. He just wanted to know where the Scripture was that taught that. The wise pastor sat in silence. A woman with a Southern accent said; “Well, I can’t pinpoint the exact Scripture for you, but it must be there. Every church in America teaches it.” The discussion of this matter continued. Soon the old pastor spoke again. It was his first words since the discussion had started: “I want all of us to ask ourselves a question: If Christianity is present in a country for a long time, and becomes tightly intertwined with the culture, is it possible that Christianity in that country could become more defined by the culture’s qualities than by the actual teachings of the Bible?”

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