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Evil Rasputin

Gregory Rasputin, the “Mad Monk of Russia” managed to get a strong hold on the royal family of his day. Some believe the corrupting power he exerted was a contributing factor in the takeover of communism. By currying the favor of the court he was able to influence many decisions within the palace itself.

The czar of Russia and his wife had a child who was born with a dreaded blood disease. It caused much pain and often threatened to bring death to the young prince. In such times of extremity, when the doctors could do no more, Rasputin was called upon to perform his “miracles.” Although unexplainable, it appeared that remarkable healings did occur whenever he was brought in. The “Mad Monk” took advantage of these occasions to gain power for himself. He told them their son would not die if they listened to his counsel. As a result, the Russian government felt the influence of this wicked man. Sad to ...

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