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Text Illustrations
A few years ago during the Easter season a very unusual cross was constructed on the front lawn of a church in Dallas, Texas. The cross, which was at least 10 feet tall, became extremely controversial. Many people in the community, some of whom were church members, wanted the cross to be taken down. It was so unique and there was so much controversy surrounding it that pictures of it appeared in newspapers around the nation. Several T.V. stations also sent film crews to video it, and to get the story behind it. You see, this ugly cross was built out of weapons, most of which had been confiscated by the Dallas police Department. There were guns of every description, knives, bayonets, bullets, broken bottles and even bombs. The cross rose out of the remains of an automobile that had been smashed almost flat in a traffic accident. The base of the cross was surrounded by barbed-wire, like you would see at a prison. It wasn’t a pretty sight, and many people, including some of the church members despised it to the point that they signed petitions to have it removed. There were cries that the cross was blasphemous. A local pastor commented on all the controversy surrounding the cross by saying, That The reaction concerning the cross was understandable: He said, “after all we don’t like to be reminded of the suffering that Christ went through for our sin."