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ILL. A few years ago, Time Magazine featured a story about Peter Sellers. It told about him appearing on the Muppet Show & being interviewed by Kermit The Frog. His interview began with Kermit telling Peter Sellers, "Now, just relax & be yourself."

Peter Sellers responded, "I can’t be myself because I don’t know who I am. The real me doesn’t exist."

Now I suppose that Peter Sellers was trying to be funny, because he was a comedian by trade as most of you know. But on this particular occasion his words were anything but funny. In fact, they were rather sad.

One of his long-time friends, commenting on those words, said, "Poor Peter! The real Peter disappeared a long time ago. What he is, is simply an amalgamation of all the stage & screen characters he has ever played, & now he is frantically trying to unsnarl that mess & find out who he really is."

I don’t know if Peter Sellers was ever able to unsnarl the mess or not, for just six months later he was dead. But whether or not he did, he wasn’t alone in his feelings. I’m convinced that the majority of us go through life wondering who we are, & what we’re supposed to be doing, & where we’re going.

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